Iberian Shoulders

We carry out the online sale of Iberian shoulders from Extremadura and Paletas de Extremadura. Our Iberian products are offered directly from the cooperative. In this way, you can enjoy our offer of the best Iberian shoulders and cheap Extremadura shoulders at prices free of intermediaries.

In our online store you will find the best Iberian shoulders at the producer's affordable prices and with the quality guarantee of Extremadura Foods.

Offer of Iberian Shoulders from Extremadura

In addition to Extremaduran hams of the best quality, we have a wide range of Extremaduran Iberian shoulders in our online store. We sell the best Extremadura Iberian shoulders of the following classifications:

Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder offer

Within our offer of acorn-fed Iberian shoulders, we have:

Acorn-fed Iberian Shoulder: Exquisite Iberian product for the most demanding palates. Iberian pig fed in freedom for more than 60 days of montanera and exclusively with natural foods from the Dehesa Extremadura, especially acorns, which gives it exclusive properties to the delight of Gourmet consumers. Remember that the 50% Iberico Bellota Shoulder must have a distinctive red seal. Thanks to the hybrid vigor of the cross between the Iberian breed and the Duroc, commercial-sized Iberian shoulders are obtained with an optimal level of infiltration.

Sale of Iberian bait shoulders

We have Iberian bait and field bait shoulders with an excellent quality/price ratio. The sale price is much lower compared to that of acorn-fed Iberian shoulders, being a fairly affordable Iberian product.

Cebo Campo Ibérica Shoulder, identified with the green seal, according to Royal Decree 4/2014. Shoulders made with pigs raised in Extremadura with a minimum surface area of ​​100m2 outdoors, for more than 60 days. When raised in the field, being able to feed on the products offered by the Extremadura dehesa. However, due to the excessive population of pigs per area, the feed for fattening in the field is insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to feed with supplementary feed. As their main diet is based on fodder instead of acorns, they are easier to produce. As they do not feed mainly on Bellota, the fat and organoleptic properties are different from those of the Iberian acorn-fed shoulders.

Cebo Ibérico Shoulder, is located in the last step within the classification of the Iberian pig, being the cheapest shoulders. Iberian breed pigs are fed with fodder (cereals, legumes...) in intensive farms. The Cebo Ibérico shoulders for sale must be identified with the white seal.

Shipments to Madrid, Valencia, Seville...

We send our Iberian products from Extremadura (shoulders, hams, loins, sausages...) anywhere in Spain (Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona...) In addition, thanks to our free shipping on purchases over €70 ( valid within the peninsula), you can receive your Extremadura Iberian shoulder with free shipping.

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