Iberian cured meats from Extremadura

Online sale of Iberian sausages from Extremadura at cooperative prices. In our online store you can buy an important selection of Iberian sausages (Iberian acorn-fed sausage, Iberian acorn-fed sausage, string of Iberian acorn-fed sausage and string of Iberian acorn-fed sausage).

Buying Iberian sausages online in our store is easy and fast, in any case, if you have difficulties placing the order, do not hesitate to call us at 924 677 059 from our sausage factory in Almendralejo (Badajoz).

Sale of Iberian sausages from Extremadura

We offer Iberian sausages from Extremadura of the highest quality at prices below €10/kg (2019).

Enjoy the taste of authentic Bellota Iberian salami and chorizo ​​at irresistible prices.

Iberian acorn sausages

Within the Iberian acorn-fed sausages, we currently have two formats for sale in our online store

Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón Cular: Iberian sausage with an exquisite flavor, produced in Extremadura. It is a product with a select traditional flavor, stuffed in natural casings. It has an approximate weight of 1.2 kg, being a large sausage. A gourmet quality salami, which you can find in the best Iberian cured meats boards.

Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón String: In a smaller size, we have the acorn-fed Iberian string sausage, weighing approximately 0.25 kg. It is made with a finer mince than that of the cular sausage. Lighter and easier to carry.

Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​from Extremadura

Among the Iberian acorn-fed chorizos that you can buy online in our store, we have two formats:

Acorn-fed Iberian Cular Chorizo: an Extremaduran Iberian cold meat with an exquisite flavour, produced with pigs from the Extremadura dehesa. Cular chorizo ​​is an Iberian sausage with a traditional flavor that is highly appreciated by consumers. Embedded in natural casing and made with ingredients and spices of the highest quality (paprika from La Vera, sea salt...). Large chorizo, weighing approximately 1,200 g. A very suitable sausage to include in any table of Iberian acorn-fed sausages worth its salt.

Sarta Bellota Iberian Chorizo: with a lower weight, approximately 0.25 kg, we have the Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​de sarta. It is distinguished from the chorizo ​​cular by its finer mince and the skin covering. Being a lighter and easier to carry chorizo, to eat in a jiffy.

Shipments to all Spain from Badajoz

We ship from our Extremadura sausage factory in Almendralejo (Badajoz) to anywhere in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Seville...)

In addition to our cheap prices on Iberian sausages from Extremadura, you can currently enjoy free shipping for purchases over €70, for shipments within the Iberian Peninsula.

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